#8, Street 34, F-8/1, Islamabad-44000


Safety and security of our children is of the utmost importance to our staff. Our security team is dedicated to looking after the needs of our school. The Treehouse has employed ex-special forces commandos/army personnel and retired police officers who are trained for keeping a watch for unusual activities and maintain a visible uniformed and armed presence around the school premises. The Security team is also fully informed about the operations of the school and maintains a cordial and professional attitude towards all visitors, while overseeing traffic operations in coordination with our traffic team. At the Treehouse we have deployed CCTV surveillance system with digital backup and a communication systems to coordinate and monitor school activities and maintain a positive action policy followed by the security personnel. Entry to the school is allowed only through a designated guarded gate and all visitors are screened. Rules regarding entry/exit are well known to our security team which is meticulous about following regulations. The administration liaises with the security team and notifies them about all visitors scheduled to come on a daily basis. The school has also deployed the emergency response system as instructed by the local security agencies which is connected to the local Police station in case of an emergency.