Anya Malik, Grade 5 (Jinnah’s), June 2019

As I think back on all of Anyas years at The Treehouse I realise I couldn’t have made a better choice. When I first enrolled her in Pandas at the tender age of 3, the fondness the teachers had for her and the bond she shared with them was very endearing to see. It has now come a long way. The Treehouse embodies love. And it is this love which makes it feel more like a family than an institute. Anya has thrived in the treehouse environment and it has managed to bring out the best in her in so many ways. She has become a confident and a caring human being of whom I’m immensely proud. Wherever Anya goes inshallah she will always a carry a part of Treehouse with her. I pray Treehouse forever continues to enrich our children’s lives. Alia Khan

Awais and Ayesha, Graduating Grade 5 (Jinnah’s) parents, June 2019

I have my two children studying at Treehouse and they have had a most wonderful time at your school. I feel overwhelmed to see my daughter completing her elementary studies from Treehouse. Treehouse has provided a safe and comfortable environment to learn and develop. The environment encourages character building which helps the children in their future. Areeba has gained in confidence with time . The teachers have been extremely skilled and wonderful. She has thrived academically and gained in self confidence.The environment is welcoming, clean and cared for. Our experience for nearly 10 years convinces us that this was/is the best choice we could have made for our children. Areeba you made your parents proud every single day at Treehouse.
Thank you Naadiya for everything. May Allah bless you always. 😘
Awais & Ayesha

Rabia Malik, Graduating Grade 5 (Jinnah’s) parent, June 2019

Being part of the Treehouse family has been an extraordinary experience for both my daughter, Zoya Khan and I. The school has always provided a safe and encouraging environment where she felt respected and loved by her teachers and staff. The teachers were always ready to help overcome any hardships in the learning process. Zoya always knew Naadiya would have her back, no matter what, and that her door was always open to her.
We thank the Treehouse team for the great service you have provided, the skills and love of learning you have taught Zoya. We will miss you!
Rabia Malik

Khawaja Nael Mustafa, Dolphin, 2019

Dear Miss Naadiya, It is the desire of every parent that good moral values are inculcated in their child during the developing years so that he/she learns to differentiate between right and wrong, has compassion, knows justice, is honest and caring. Although it is understood that these relationships begin at home with parents and family but it cannot be over emphasized that teachers are on of the most influencing factor in a child’s life.
We feel that we have been exceptionally lucky to have a teacher like Mahzaib who helped Nael through healthy engagements to inculcate all the virtues we had desired for Nael.
She immediately developed a loving relationship with Nael through everyday activities like playing, reading, storytelling and always being there for him when he needed her. She became like a friend to Nael.
Everyday Nael was full of stories about his school and his teachers. For the world she is a person but for Nael she is the world. We are moving to Lahore shortly and Nael will be joining a new school there after the summer vacations, but the beautiful memories will linger in our memories forever. Please thank Miss. Mahzaib and please tell her that she will always be thought of fondly.
And a special thanks to that ever smiling and loving friend of Nael, Miss Nimra who has a special corner in Nael’s heart and in my prayers.
And of course Ashee Baji who took care of Nael and always greeted him with a smile. Thank you all for being so loving to our son. We truly appreciate that.
Thank you!
Zainab Wasif

Mekayil Ali Khan, Kangaroos 2014

To The Treehouse team,
Our association with the Treehouse began in the second schooling year of my son Mekayil Ali Khan. The huge difference in his confidence, eagerness to learn and write was evident in the first few weeks, for us the whole change and experience was delightful. Ever since he’s going to Treehouse, I’ve never had to encounter any problem in his reading and writing skill, in fact I can proudly claim that going to Treehouse has made him an exceptional reader. This avid reader wants to read everything from the back of cereal boxes to the headlines on newspapers to all the hoardings on the road, thanks to his teachers at the tree house nursery. As parents what more could we ask for? We find the school absolutely wonderful, it has a safe healthy, happy environment where each child gets lovely attention, and I recommend it to all parents looking for a well-rounded, basic early schooling for their kids. Needless to say we are sending our youngest Zaka Ali Khan to the nursery as well and Mekayil stays on for grade 1. Look forward to many years of wonderful, meaningful learning for the little ones. Many Thanks to the entire team Treehouse for making the school a safe and fantastic learning place for the little ones. Amina Omer, Summer 2014

Ayesha, Sulaiman and Rameesha Rashid Piracha, Kangaroos & Panda 2014

(At the Treehouse) Everyday children go to school in a highly positive atmosphere which stimulates the body, the soul and the mind. I am proud to be a Pakistani and found the curriculum, activities and events very balanced regarding core learning outcomes and cultural and religious elements. I was quite satisfied with the pace and content of my children’s learning. Based on your grooming and recommendations, Sulaiman, Ayesha and Rameesha all breezed through the admissions tests and very quickly settled into the British School Manila. They fondly remember their time in Treehouse and have been able to easily adapt into the high pressure international environment in their new school. Performing well MashAllah in both academics and extra-curricular activities.
Naadiya has always been open, encouraging, innovative and very student-centered in decisions. This trickles down to all staff. There is a mix of new and veteran teachers which brings experienced enthusiasm into the parent-teacher-student relation. The teachers’ consistent attention to detail shows that they know their students well. Most importantly I very much valued and appreciated the balanced level of communication and interactions.
I would not trust anyone else with my children! Since the past two years, the size of the student body has increased manifold and you are also now expanding to elementary. The UN Human Development Report 2014 notes that a person’s ability to compete in life is determined by education, nutrition and immunization in the first 6 years of life. The advantage gained or lost as at the age of 6 is statistically significant such that it cannot be recovered during the rest of your life. You had my children for the most critical years of their life.
Sabah and Rashid Piracha

Mustafa Bilal, Kangaroos 2014

My son started Treehouse last year at quite a hectic time for our family. Mustafa was finding the transition from his old school to Treehouse difficult but I have to give complete credit to the administration and his teacher for being patient with him and helping him find his place.
As a rarity I had heard not one bad thing about Treehouse, all positive things while considering the school and I would vouch the same. I also find it refreshingly rare that Nadia Manzur is so involved and is particular to each detail while running her school. MA she pays attention to every aspect, when I speak to her about my son she actually knows who he is! Keeping so many people in one’s mind is a challenging thing to do and she is doing it very well.
My son has learned so much academically being in Treehouse, whether its science or Islamic studies. He recites all the kalmas and I listen in shock because even I don’t know all of them. He tells me about the gravitational pull of the sun, while driving around or being out he is constantly reading everything he sees. Upon graduating from Treehouse my son can read and write, speak and do maths well beyond my expectations.
Every now and then I have come forward with concerns and I have met with an even faster reply from Nadia and Fauzia, talking to them has always given me a peace of mind that my concerns are legitimate and will be taken care of.
I was beyond excited about keeping my son on for grade 1 but unfortunately we will be moving away and I am upset that my son will not continue on. But for anybody who is considering Treehouse you should have no reservations or doubts, I whole heartily recommend Treehouse for your child. I saw my child grow academically, physically and as a person. Truly a place of learning.
I wish Nadia and her team nothing but the best and want nothing more than to see her school grow. May God give her strength and keep her steadfast on her path. A good place of learning is as important for a child as is the home!
Nejla Ali.
Mother of Mustafa Bilal, Kangaroos B.

Ilhan Beg, Kangaroos 2013

Treehouse Nursery and Kindergarten is indeed one of the best Nursery schools in Pakistan. When we moved back to Pakistan last year, our son, Ilhan Beg was quite weak in his studies because after spending his initial kindergarten years abroad, he was not accustomed to the Pakistani school system. However, the Treehouse Management took it up as a challenge and soon there was miraculous development. In a matter of weeks and months, Ilhan was fluent in reading and writing and even did well in Urdu which he had never studied before. This shows the level of commitment that Treehouse has towards its children.
I am extremely grateful to Nadia for her excellent Managerial skills. I am indebted to Ms. Raheela for being an excellent teacher and mentor of Ilhan. She is a great asset for this school. She was also ably assisted by other hardworking teachers of Kangaroo B. Regarding the school management and office matters, I am also very grateful to Fauzia for being so efficient . All my queries, questions and any other issues were always responded to and handled in a timely manner.
We feel sad that soon Ilhan will be leaving Treehouse but we will all cherish the memories of the wonderful time that we spent here. We hope that Treehouse continues its untiring efforts of imparting quality education to our children and future generations. Thank you and God bless you all! Samar Ihsan Beg Ilhan Beg’s mother.

Subhan Ali, Kangaroos 2013

When it came to school time for Subhan, we wanted the best. The best staff, best care, best learning curriculum, moreover the best experience for our child. Naadiya made us feel confident in leaving our little one behind. We were first time parents and very nervous, However Naadiya and Fauzia really assisted us at all levels therefore we have the outmost confidence in the Tree house Management. There was never a question as to where to go with our Second Child Salaar’s Admission. We had a fabulous experience with our first child Subhan and would not even look elsewhere for our second- because we were so pleased with everything. The second time is a little less nerve racking- as we already know the Management. All the teachers from Sarah, Zainab, Sana, Ayesha and Mariam did a great job with Subhan. There cannot be a better place for your child than the Tree house. Thanks to the Tree house Gate staff as well for greeting all the Children and their parents with a smile every morning. Sadia and Salman Ali Parents of Subhan Ali.

Aamnah Mudassir, Kangaroos 2012

A child’s formative years are the most fundamental; they lay down the foundation for not only academic excellence but more importantly personality development. Exposure to superior teaching skills, a dynamic school environment and social interactions based on strong moral values is paramount in inspiring children to become responsible considerate adults. Tree House was the perfect choice for our daughter Aamnah considering all this. We have seen her personality blossom under the auspices of her teachers and staff. She is confident yet kind; she excels in studies without the need of extra tuition and has shown remarkable improvement in her extracurricular interests such as art and music. All this has been possible due to the hard work and complete support of all teachers and management of Tree House. We thank you for your love and dedication and will cherish the years we spent being part of the Tree House family.
Sarah and Mudassir.

Eishaal Khan, Kangaroos 2012

My experience with the Treehouse school was memorable, not only because the school took exceptionally good care of my child (in all respects), but they were considerate and patient with a “procrastinated” parent like me. As I am working, and that too with a hefty schedule, a lot of important dates and events used to slip from my mind. I remember especially one time when it was “Halloween” and all parents were supposed to dress up their children in funky costumes, I being myself, forgot that! As soon as it occurred to me, I called the school, and asked them to help me out. To my delight, the teachers had painted Eishaal’s face creatively and turned her into an adorable looking cat. Another such occasion was the “silly hair-do day” and once again I forgot. The teachers were very cooperative to make Eishaal’s funky hair. . I would regard tree house as my family. We just sponsor our children’s education, but it is the school which has made what my daughter is in these past three years, confident, independent, smart and friendly. I could walk in or call at any time of the day, and my queries/concerns would be entertained. Both Eishaal and I grew over these years. In short, it was a delightful relationship, both with the management and the teachers.
Madiha F. Khan Mother of Eishaal Khan.

Mauricio Gomez June 2009

Dear Naadiya On behalf of my wife and myself I would like to express my deep gratitude to you and all the teachers and assistants of the Treehouse for making the three years that my son Mauricio spent in your school a wonderful time. That was the first time Mauricio attended a school in his life, with the disadvantage of not knowing the English language plus his speech problems. It was only because the understanding and the care all the teachers provided to him, he was able to overcome these difficulties and to graduate together with all his classmates. Actually, during his stay in The Treehouse he went from 0 to 100.
Mauricio will stay in this wonderful and friendly country for one more year. Unfortunately, he cannot continue in the Treehouse. But you can be sure, he and us will never forget these three years. The only thing I will not miss, is being called to the “Principal’s Office” from time to time to deal with Mauricio’s behavior, but we could agree he became a disciplined and respectful student at the end.
Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Tahira, all the teachers and assistants that so patiently contributed to the education of my son. With all my best regards to you and the rest of your staff, and wishing you and The Treehouse the best in the future. Sincerely, Gustavo Machin Gomez Ambassador Embassy of the Republic of Cuba.

Mikaal Jaffer Aziz September 2007

Dear Treehouse, I joined here at the age of 18 months in November 2004 and left at the age of four years. The time spent in The Treehouse is most memorable and precious for myself and my mama, baba and nano, nana and dada. I came here as a toddler and left as a young boy. I learnt to be independent and away from my family and yet be in a loving and secure environment. Sadaf, Nargis, Dilber really took good care and I always liked to socialize with Naadiya teacher as well. I learnt my Nursery Rhymes and activities such as cutting, pasting and painting taking turns with friends for the tricycles were fun too. Lining up to wash hands and sitting down to eat together was learning too. Faryal teacher and Sadaf tried very hard to make me write and do worksheets but what I really enjoyed in the Nursery year was again the socializing and playing. I made good friends and had many play dates at home with my Treehouse friends and participated in many birthday parties. I also enjoyed the special days and parties… Eid, Halloween, Pakistan Day, Christmas and Graduation Day amongst them.
The time spent at Treehouse was indeed a very special time for me. I am now in a larger institution and very happy but miss all the teachers and staff and all my young friends and their parents and hope to keep in touch.

Mathias, Silvia and Emily September, 2004

Dear Naadiya, Over the last two years we have had the pleasure to observe that The Treehouse has turned from a small and rather quiet place into a modern kindergarten bursting with activities and children’s laughter. This was achieved thanks to you and your teachers’ determination to give our children a second home, to help them growing up and to understand the world around them.
Your innovative pedagogic methods, which include bringing the children into closer contact with nature, teaching them the basics of grammar and mathematics as well as raising their interest for extra school activities, are highly appreciated by all of us.
Besides this, and most important of all, you and your team are showing exemplary initiative in introducing our children to the precious values of mutual understanding and tolerance. The recent adoption of a special girl into the playgroup is an outstanding example for this and bears further witness to your untiring efforts to unite in playing and learning children from very different cultures and backgrounds.
Once again we would like to thank you and your team for your engagement and we wish that the Treehouse may continue to develop and flourish for the benefit of all of us- children, teachers and parents alike.