At the start of the academic year 2020-2021 the Treehouse launched its Middle school for 11-13 year olds. The Middle School comprises Grades 6 and 7, the critical transition years between elementary and high school.

The basic aim of a middle school is to provide opportunities to its students to work in a collaborative environment that’s more socially and academically challenging than elementary school.

To fulfil this objective, the Treehouse Middle School focuses on both curricular and co curricular activities, developing and enhancing the ability of its students to cope with the challenges of the ever changing world around them. Our faculty includes well qualified and experienced teachers who are equipped with all the necessary skills to provide quality education to our middle school students. Treehouse teachers at middle school level incorporate 21st Century Skills in their lessons to enable a wholesome learning experience for the students, catering to a range of multiple intelligences

The Treehouse Middle School provides the perfect environment for students to become well rounded, “thinking” individuals with a competitive curriculum incorporating Problem Based Learning.

The curriculum is suitably designed to prepare the Middle school students for the challenging demands of IGCSE, paving the way for them to acquire the best possible grades and inculcating the sense of responsibility in the students to brace themselves for the challenges O Levels and A Levels are bound to pose in the future.

The extra curricular activities which are a very important part of our middle school curriculum include:

  • A debate club conducted by a highly qualified debate coach
  • Extra languages
  • Welfare work including cleanliness,plantation and donation
  • Inter school

All of the above facilitate their profile building for future college admissions from middle school level.