Welcome to the Treehouse, a one-of-a-kind educational institute that promises to deliver quality education to your child with the love and care that you desire.


We have a leading preschool program, where children are welcome from the age of 2 to 5 years. Our program is divided into four years; with a well-structured, researched and custom designed curriculum that prepares children to not only compete and excel in any well-reputed educational institute around the globe, but also stimulates their intellect with a comprehensive approach towards developing a child’s physical and mental aptitude. In our preschool program children are prepared to easily transition into our own or excel at any other Elementary/Primary setup.


We offer children an environment where children are stimulated with challenging academics, fun arts and thought-provoking activities that foster teamwork and a love for learning. At the Treehouse the road to exploration is valued greatly. We encourage children to think critically and question confidently.  We believe in using customized, planned, effective and tested learning methodologies with a continuous ‘review and improve’ approach towards the learning process and a responsive partnership between parents, students and the school which delivers consistent and quality results.