Principal: Syeda Zahra Agha


Welcome to Treehouse School’s Clover Campus, a place where our youngest children find a home away from home. They are able to embrace their natural curiosity and drive to learn. Through inculcating our Treehouse values, providing rich open-ended experiences and reflection we aim for our young children to develop into resourceful, curious and responsible adults who believe in giving back to society. We believe that young children are unique individuals who will benefit the most when they are allowed to actively engage in learning within a warm, supportive, and secure environment.


Children are naturally curious, to encourage this curiosity we nurture their individual ways of learning about the world around them. We engage our young students with exciting, interactive and play-based activities that help foster their practical life skills and ignite their sense of exploration. We inspire students to take on new challenges.


We focus on each child’s social development and positive associations. Everyday we see how our students are growing and developing their love for learning; with intentional, compassionate effort we guide them towards fun, safe engagement, finding their friends, and participating within a diverse group of peers. Everyday, students relish outdoor play as an important outlet to express their energy.


At the Treehouse School it is our priority to inculcate in our children from a very young age that their voice and ideas are important. We support every child individually so they feel confident as they grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Children are able to explore their unique identities in an atmosphere of respect where each child is encouraged to share their stories and listen to each other’s voices. We strive to foster confident individuals by offering a nurturing, home-like environment. The nurturing guidance and support of our staff fosters positive social development as children gain self-awareness, learn to recognize their emotions, and learn to interact with their peers respectfully.


Our leading-edge, researched-based, comprehensive curriculum focuses on developing academic readiness and skill acquisition to fully prepare our children for the academic challenges ahead, while also providing the freedom to enjoy the learning process. In our early years academic program, we provide structured time and consistency to build a strong base. Academic milestones are spread out progressively through the years to ensure our children thrive without feeling academic pressure. Our curriculum is intentionally designed to nurture the development of inquisitive, creative, analytical and confident learners. We focus on the development of age appropriate learning and growth in all domains to develop well-rounded individuals.


Education is a partnership between school and family, and we nurture this partnership through our open-door policy and complete transparency. Here at the Treehouse, building a strong community of like-minded people has always been our top priority. We pride ourselves in our warm and embracing school community. The relational nature of our school, where every child is known and loved, translates to an outstanding experience for our students when we face complexity and uncertainty. We will be here for our students and families, and we will support you.


Our mission is to provide a joyful, warm, and stimulating school experience for our youngest learners to develop well-rounded, socially adept, competent and kind individuals. Our philosophy is built upon a foundation of equity, inclusion, compassion and community.


I look forward to sharing our unique and magical school with you.


Syeda Zahra Agha


Treehouse School

Clover Campus