High School

The Treehouse School proudly embarks upon the launch of Treehouse High School in August 2022, with grade 8 as IGCSE 1 for our fourteen-year-olds.

International General Certificate for Secondary Education is the world’s most in-demand leading international qualification for high school students aged 14-16, developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

IGCSE prepares students for the pre-university qualifications like A Levels, forming their gateway to higher education and professional studies in National and International Universities, consequently facilitating the acquisition of better career opportunities.

Subjects Offered in IGCSE 1

  • Mathematics
  • First Language English
  • Second Language Urdu
  • Islamiat
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Economics

Treehouse is offering IGCSE Extended Curriculum from grade 8/ IG-1 to grade 10/ IG-3, thus saving a year wasted in some contemporary schools completing O Levels in grade 11.

Our students will be appearing in Cambridge Exams of three compulsory subjects (Urdu, Islamiat and Pakistan Studies) at the end of grade 9/ IG-2, and the remainder of minimum five subjects with three elective and two compulsory subjects at the end of grade 10/ IG-3. Cambridge IGCSE examination sessions occur twice a year, in May/June and October/ November. Our students will be regularly sitting the year-end Cambridge exam session in May/June in IG-2 and IG-3. They will sit internal Final Exams end of IG-1 the first academic year.

We are certain of un-parallel quality learning experience we are offering our students which is hallmark of Treehouse with its unique culture, positive supportive environment conducive for most wholesome character grooming, skill development and profile building of students, while each child retains his unique individualty. Our Guidance Counselors in the coming years will ensure our students are able to build such profiles that land them in the top International Universities. To top this learning

experience in High School, we have taken aboard the region’s best O Levels Faculty with their astounding experience and history of remarkable O levels results to ensure that Treehouse stays on the top even on this level, despite the competitive high standards.